HIV Care Link Testimonials:

"I want to say a great big THANK YOU to the people from HIV Care Link who helped me. They were organized and relentless in making sure I was taken care of. To me, all of them are true angels! I really appreciate all that you do for people living with HIV." -TP, an HIV Care Link client

"Michael (of HIV Care Link) is a model of consistency. In my interactions with him, I have seen that his compassion is not selective, and he is not afraid to become deeply involved in the everyday lives of his clients. He has inspired me to remove some of my own barriers that prevent me from connecting with patients on a deeper level. His example encourages me and reminds me to focus on the entire person, rather than to see each patient as a collection of medical illnesses. I would like to thank Michael for his work, and hope that he can continue to expand the vital services he and the other volunteers of HIV Care Link offer to the HIV positive community." -Joshua Blum MD, Medical Advisor, Denver Health HIV Primary Care Clinic

"We have been making referrals of patients for services from HIV Care Link for the past 5 ½ years. During this time that I have gotten to know HIV Care Link, I have been impressed with the compassion, care, and concern they have consistently shown towards those living with HIV/AIDS. Through practical acts of compassion and befriending those who are facing this disease, they provide support, direction and hope for those patients who frankly, would have no other supports available to them. HIV Care Link provides a most needed service in the HIV/AID community. Through HIV Care Link's demonstrating ongoing dependability, we have been able to trust that our patient-referrals will be treated with dignity, and find a supportive community of trained staff and volunteers. -Peter Bradley, Senior Clinical Social Worker, Primary Care Clinics, Denver Community Health Services

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me in moving. What would I do without you guys? Because of your generosity, kindness and concern, truly, I am blessed. God bless all of you, and know that your efforts are deeply appreciated." -Positive Move Project Participant

"You have given us hope. We have met with doctors and social workers; but none of them encouraged us the way you did. This has been so hard, you have no idea how much your help means to us." –Care Program Participant

"In just under an hour you erased 33 years of my prejudices. Thank you!" -Attendee at Greenwood Community Church after hearing Mike speak